Born on a small corner in Brooklyn sits one of New York City’s original bubble tea shops. With deep roots in the Empire State, TBaar celebrates the authentic Taiwanese bubble tea process. Beginning with the finest hand picked tea leaves and best brewing methods, TBaar has since grown to be a solace for creative and determined minds.

TBaar founder and NYC bubble tea pioneer, Gary Lin, is no stranger to the creative process. Not having the financial advantage to pursue his dream of art school, Gary embraced another passion, entrepreneurship. Turning hardship into an artistic dream, Gary was able to combine both and explore his creativity via logo sketching, branding, and interior design.

This led to the 2022 Tbaar new brand identity that portrays TBaar as fuel for young creativity. The colorful tea sparks artistry and individualism. With TBaar in hand, creativiTEA is always brewing.

Now, Gary is committed to innovation and supporting young artists and determined entrepreneurs. Helping others pursue their dreams regardless of financial ability is the mission for Tbaar Cup Sleeve Art Contest.



Cup Sleeve Art Contest.

TBaar launched its 2022 TBaar cup sleeve art contest that welcomed young artists to embrace their passion for art and bubble tea. The contest, named  “Christmas at Tbaar Cup Sleeve Art Contest'' launched on June 1, 2022. Participants were encouraged to submit their decorated TBaar white cup sleeves with inspired artwork depicting Christmas in NYC. The contest closed on July 8, 2022 11:59PM.


"Christmas in TBaar Cup Sleeve Art Contest" encouraged students (ages 14- 25) who currently reside within the 5 boroughs of New York City to decorate a white Tbaar cup sleeve. After the contest closed on July 8, 2022, TBaar and a group fo various group of panelists chose one winner from two age groups: 14-17 and 18-25. The winning designs will be featured on limited edition TBaar cup sleeves this Winter. TBaar stores based in NYC will use the winning design’s cup sleeve and the winning artists have received $5,000 each in prize money. In true Christmas spirit, this contest supports young minds and encourages the pursuit of artistic dreams.

Age Group 14-17 


Nia Lam / Age 15 / Stuyvesant High School / @ghost_doughh

The water along the horizon of the New York City skyline has frozen over. Snow makes its way down, falling gently, clinging to any surface. In front of the silhouette of the city and its ever-glowing lights, are people gathering to enjoy the magical occasion. It is a Christmas in New York.


Age Group 18-25 


Zhiyu You / Age 24 / School of Visual Arts / @zyuyou_art

Mr. Bubble Milk Tea gets his order No. 188 on Christmas Day and quickly starts his delivery with his friend, a little snowman. Miss Strawberry Green Tea on the way to a guest's house on a flying metro card with Christmas gifts. There are many orders in the store on Christmas day, but the staff of tbaar are well organized and prepare exclusive tea for every customer who orders.




Lori Rose / Age 17 / Beacon School / @pro_daydreamer

Christmas time always meant going ice skating, and there's never been a time when I didn't love every single minute of it! Whether or I was going with friends or family, helping my aunts skate, racing my friends and cousins, or simply enjoying the music blasting over the speakers and relishing that sweet chilly air, ice skating has always meant an amazing Christmas time. Even and especially afterwards, where we would all relax with sweet treats and drinks together.


Maitri Sarkar / Age 16 / The Bronx School of Science / @maitri.thatweirdo

When I think of Christmas in NYC, there are a lot of things that come to mind. Excessive tourists, tons of shopping bags in hand, snow, pine trees, bright lights, etc. Last Christmas was really special to me, as me and my friends went to Rockefeller Center, and there I was able to view the tree in person for the first time in my life. We went ice skating as well, and viewed the light show at Fifth Avenue. These are things I guess people would say “tourists” would typically do, but seeing them all for the rst time with my friends was so special to me, so the most special parts of Christmas to me are these three things (and Santa hats as well, as I have an obsession with buying them, so I drew a girl wearing one too). My drawing encompasses all these aspects of Christmas in NYC, as what better representation is there than ice skating and bright ashing lights?



Qianting Che / Age 22 / Boston University /

There is an air to the city of New York, captured in the films and shows of old, which marks an encapsulation of that idealized American representation as a mixing pot of all kinds of peoples. The variety of denizens which roam the streets daily, united under the common label of New Yorker, stemming from all walks of life, co-existing and mingling as the traffic blares and the subways roar. I wanted to illustrate and capture that feeling. Though the city is far from perfect, on a snowy day, it is picturesque and it is charming.


Tianqi Chen / Age 23 / School of Visual Arts / @tianqi_chen_art

To me, Christmas in New York means gathering. It makes the already bustling and crowded city even more lively. The elements in the illustration are complex so I choose monochromatic colors, white and red to balance the design. White represents the snow and cold weather, but on the contrary, red means passion and love, which represents the people and welcome atmosphere. You can see graffitis and murals everywhere in New York, this is the reason why I use a doodle-liked style to create this cup sleeve. Elements symbolizing Christmas can be seen everywhere in the compact and rhythmic picture. Looking carefully, you can also nd two people drinking milk tea.

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